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If you were invited to this page (personal invitation, letter, e-mail) you were chosen from a select group of people.  Visionaries.  People that can "see" the future. 


Someone once said to me “Give a Texan a 1% edge and he will turn it into a 100% gain.”  Quite flattering to Texans, but I feel this could be generic.  Any entrepreneur that is given an edge could be that “Texan.” 

This page is for traders/firms that have the wherewithal to take advantage of precise, very high probability trades in the S&P Futures.  Ideally, the person should have the authority to act immediately, with very large sums of money, when the trades set up.

Over the years in developing my methodology, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience.  There are times when I can see a Wave setting up with crystal-like clarity, which produces crystal ball-like results.  And for those that don’t like exposure, I can identify where the fastest part of the move will take place.  With this information, a “Texan” type trader could realize huge gains, in a very short period of time. 

While there is always a Wave in progress, very high probability "well structured" Waves are not always available. When the opportunity presents itself, you pounce on the trade, then wait for the next Wave to form.

Upon interview with a qualified firm (hundreds of S&Ps), I will reveal the ironclad rules for the examples below.  These examples could have been anticipated with crystal-like clarity, and, produced crystal ball-like results. 


When viewing the charts below, please keep in mind that the time frames have been deliberately changed, so that it is impossible to determine the proper balance points.  The Examples are only to show potential profits, in a short period of time with minimum drawdown.  All examples adhere to a precise set of rules.










Exhibit 1
Can you imagine the profits that could have been made on this move?  Ten S&P points in less than forty-five minutes.  And you could have seen it setting up one-half hour ahead of time.
In tennis a skilled player can anticipate where the ball will land by measuring angle and speed.  The same thing can be done in the market.


Exhibit 2
As you know, the S&P is a very liquid market.  On the above chart, hundreds of contracts could have been positioned for this twenty-point measured move.  Again, you would have had more than one hours notice on this move.  I'll do the math:  200 contracts @ $250 per pt. x 20 = $1,000,000.
Once you can determine the balance points, then you can determine where the price is likely to go.


Exhibit 3
When you have a methodology that repeats time after time, you have the confidence to take advantage of "fire sales."  A ten-point lower opening was a golden opportunity for a firm with "deep pockets" and a crystal ball-like methodology.
It is not possible to see in any of these examples, but a precise set of "balance" rules determined all entries and exits.


Exhibit 4
Another golden opportunity.  Look at the scale on this one.  Over fifty S&P points!  If you are a true visionary you're probably way ahead of me on this one.  50 pts. @ $250 per point x 500 contracts =  $6,250,000.
Well-structured Waves are not always available, but when there is one, you can make serious money in a very short period of time.


Exhibit 5
Enter in the morning, out by lunch for a measured 8 point move.

Exhibit 6

Exhibit 7
They say the market rewards you for what others can't do.  It looks like an additional 5 pt. bonus gap for holding overnight on this measured move.


Exhibit 8
A five point move caught bottom to top on a 2 min chart.


Exhibit 9
Not one ounce of drawdown in this example.  14 point profit.


Exhibit 10
A short sale example with a potential 10 point profit.


Exhibit 11


Exhibit 12


Exhibit 13


Exhibit 14


Exhibit 15


Exhibit 16


Exhibit 17


Exhibit 18


Exhibit 19


Exhibit 20


Exhibit 21


Exhibit 22


Exhibit 23
Not all Waves hit the target price so it is extremely important that you have a favorable risk/reward ratio on each trade. All Wolfe Waves have a risk of less than 1 point for each 1 point potential profit. On the above chart, this Wave had a maximum 4 point stop and produced a potential 17 point profit.

Thank you for accepting my invitation.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.




















Text Box:  Let's make a Deal
I think that this is a good time to identify some of the many strengths of my methodology:
- Limited exposure.  Most of the time you are out of the market.  When a high probability "well structured" Wave sets up, you "pounce" on the trade and exit at the target line.  Exposure is risk!
- All entry zones and exit zones are known in advance.  In many cases you can see the Wave setting up hours in advance.
- The profit potential is know in advance.  This is very useful when calculating a risk/reward strategy.
- I do not use any lagging indicators, oscillators or moving averages.  This is not a "spontaneous" method of trading.
- Entry and exit zones are often quite "accommodating."
- No subjectivity!  All trades follow a precise set of rules.
- Less than one-to-one risk/reward on all trades.
You now have a sample of what I can bring to the table.  Show me what you can bring to the table and we can go forward from there.  It is a "win-win" situation.  It costs you nothing, it costs me nothing.  The synergy could be magnificent.  All inquiries will be held in strictest confidence.
You may call or fax me at:  (914) 747-6258  
Bill Wolfe