Dear fund manager,

“Successful investing requires this crazy combination of gumption and patience, and then being ready to pounce when the opportunity presents itself, because in this world opportunities just don’t last very long. It’s waiting that helps you as an investor, and a lot of people just can’t stand to wait.”

Those words are not mine. They are from Charlie Munger, side-kick of Warren Buffett. They are even more relevant in trading and especially so in options.

Wolfe Wave training for corporate traders

I am now offering, in person Wolfe Wave training for corporations. The classes will be limited to four students. They will be taught during five consecutive market days. The students will be given my basic manual and approximately 70 pages from my advanced lessons that I currently teach. The 70 pages will be reviewed as the market unfolds.

The students will also be shown many examples from my Wolfe Wave note book, which have never been shared with anyone. Some of which will include:

  1. A short video demo of frequency vibrations, which translates into Wolfe Waves in the markets.
  2. A presentation on the evolution of my wave on a recent S&P chart.
  3. How my methodology can predict potential turning points in advance.
  4. How my methodology can predict a potential target line before the wave is complete.
  5. How my methodology can predict potential support, resistance and release lines, which are invisible to others.
  6. How my methodology can predict the potential ETA of a move.
  7. Examples of this precise Wolfe Wave timing on stock charts.
  8. And most importantly, knowing the “tipping point” of any market. When the price is at the “tipping point,” the price is out of balance between time and price. At that juncture a substantial trader could bully the market to their advantage.

SPY weekly options

All of the above will be taught with the objective of capturing what Charlie Munger is talking about: “Being ready to pounce when the opportunity presents itself.”

SPY weekly options offer opportunities for an educated Wolfe Wave trader to make an extremely large profit, from a limited amount of money.

This is what I will be teaching: Combining the Wolfe Wave methodology with SPY weekly options for hitting that “home run.” Each week presents opportunities for Wolfe Wave practitioners.

An example on a bearish wave.

On the above chart is a snippet of a full bearish Wolfe Wave. (I did not reveal the entire wave because what you will learn in my course is different from the junk imitators show on the Internet.)

And the coresponding put option on the above bearish wave.

This is the chart of a SPY weekly put option that is fit to the previous bearish wave. It went from a low of $59 at the 5 point of the wave, to a high at the target line of $350, in just four market days.

More examples. It now gets faster.

This is a 5-minute chart of a bearish wave that occurred on a Friday, “pay day” for SPY weekly option traders as the time premium is relatively low.

And the corresponding put option on the above bearish wave.

The price of the put option at the 5 point of the /ES (S&P e-mini) was at $13. The price at the close, three hours later, was $203.

Another example on a 5-minute bullish wave.

This is a 5-minute chart of a bullish wave that occurred on a Friday.

And the corresponding call option on the above bullish wave.

The price went from $36 at the buy point to $130 at the sell point, in about two hours and nine minutes. There is nothing more delightful, financially, as watching an option appreciate on a 5-minute chart that you have a large position in.

Learn to trust yourself

What you will learn is how to trust your education in Wolfe Wave analysis. Knowing what you know and understand, is a natural rule-based rhythm that constantly repeats. You will never again watch TV and listen to others for their opinions.

All of the above will be taught live, as the market unfolds, in a relaxed Q&A environment.

The fee for my five-day in-person corporate training is $25,000. As with my regular Wolfe Wave course, I provide unlimited support.

All enquires can be sent to

Or call me at 1-914 747-6258

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
--Nikola Tesla

Same goes for the stock market(s)
only I call them waves.
--Bill Wolfe

Absolute confidentiality is the policy of Bill Wolfe. Your name, address and any personal information is never disclosed or sold.

(Charts of /es and SPY weekly options are intermingled for demo purposes. They mirror each other for most practical purposes.)